The Trinity Lutheran Youth Group is made up of youth from middle school through high school. It operates like a three legged table, which falls if any leg is broken. One leg is activities, one is community service, and one is continued growth and learning in our faith life.

Questions or comments can be directed to Lacy Sellent at (715) 822-2532.

June 24th - Serving at the Rice Lake Soup Kitchen
Meet at the church at 8:00am, will be returning around 2:00pm. Youth will get the chance to cook and serve the lunch meal and will also be eating there before serving. Please let Lacy Sellent know by June 19th if you plan to attend.

July 20th - Shanty Town Campout
Meet at the church at 7:00pm, bring a cardboard box & whatever else you may need for your shanty. Some boxes and duct tape will be provided.